Saturday, January 25, 2014

Where to begin?

Hello all,to start off this is my very first blog ever. And I'm not entirely sure how to even start off, but I'll begin with a little about myself. I'm nineteen years old, I work full time at a coffee shop, and go to school full time.I live in beautiful Washington state,and if you can believe it it doesn't always rain.Regardless of the picture that has been developed of my state.I absolutely love my life,although it can certainly be hard to catch my breath every once in a while.
   This last week was one of those, first off I had to deal with a difficult math teacher,while trying to get in time to see my boyfriend,I had my first quiz in my Biological Anthropology class, then lastly had to deal with some rather difficult customers at work. It all made up for an incredibly long and tiring week,this Friday while on my way to school, I took the back way.As I was driving all I could think about was how beautiful this day was turning out to be, the fog was burning off while the sun was peeking through the trees.As I turned the corner, shafts of sunlight were filtering through the trees,as I kept going I couldn't help but feel like stopping and just looking at the beautiful day and catching my breath before I had to go take that quiz. I rounded another turn, and took a left an drove down to a marina. I parked my car, grabbed my coffee, got out and sat on my hood. I just sat, looked, and listened. I felt the fresh breeze from the water, the fog was still hovering around some trees,the birds were singing all around, and underneath it all was...quiet. I didn't feel a knot in my stomach from stress,there was no tidal wave of thoughts rushing into my mind, I'd left my phone in the car,and for once I was able to feel a peace envelop my entire soul, my very being, and it was then that I thought to myself that day was going to be a good one. I knew I'd try my very best to pass my test, I'd meet up with my group to talk about our project,and I'd get to see my boy at some point during the day.I went back to my car and took a picture of that beautiful scene, I felt that perhaps if I could feel so serene in a moment of intensity, perhaps they could feel calm too by just looking at it and maybe they too could have the same moment I did.
  For this week,I want my goal to be to spread a little something to the world. At work I've been reaching out to customers who need a smile,or a kind word,just something during their passing in our paths that will allow them to see a little bit of good in the world. I had a customer come in,he asked for a drip with two honeys,I put the honeys in his drip,poured the coffee,took his money and gave him his change. He asked me for the honeys, and I told him I'd already put them in,and he said oh you didn't have to do that, to which I responded oh its not a problem at all I don't mind.As he turned to go, he told me you know nice people don't get the best treatment in the world its not always the best to be that way.I told him,I'd rather be kind in this world, than cause any more hurt than there already is.He tipped me, and left.These are the moments that make me sure of being such a kind person,I hope that everyone has a wonderful night.And pays it forward with kindness to someone they should cross paths with.
<3 <3 H