Monday, April 21, 2014


Dear friends,
Happy Belated Spring everyone! Ahh I love spring,it's my second favorite season.Summer being my absolute favorite of course! But anyways,with Spring always comes change some of which is pleasant and some of which is not.
 For me,I see the changes in nature and that makes me ache even more for my new adventure!On April 1st,I applied to the Woodring Program of Education and I am overjoyed,nervous,and impatient to get my results back! Ahh,it's the 21st so that means it's only been a short time since I've turned everything in.At first I didn't mind waiting,I thought it would go by fast,but I realized as time goes on I've become more anxious and self deprecating.And I certainly don't mean to be,there are just so many people in the world that I don't want to disappoint most of all being myself.This has led me to be more worried and anxious than usual.Small things that wouldn't bother me normally are,and I'm forgetting things that should be focused upon which has pushed me further into this state I dont even want to be in.But I know I can work myself out of it,Andrew my boyfriend along with my family have all been so helpful.As they usually are,and I am forever grateful to have them in my life.So that's why I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what I have in my present moment:
I have a home
I have a wonderful family
I have a sweet and thoughtful boyfriend
I have amazing friends
I have the best coworkers 
I have my life
I have my animals
I have a job,that I love to do more than anything.(Even if I do complain from being tired)
I have a car
I have a mission in life 
I have school
I have an education
I have all the clothes I could ask for
I have a good home life
I have the money in my pocket 
I have patience
I have kindness
I have my lipstick
I have my big heart 
I have people to watch over me
I have people who care
I have a care for my world 
I have so much in this life,that I shouldn't worry so much but I do.
I have a worry,to make sure I never forget how truly lucky I am.
It's hard sometimes,and I know it's difficult for me right now.But I know someday I will look back and laugh at myself.Because I know my life could be so much harder,and when the going gets tough to look ahead and learn from your mistakes.Certainly nobody is perfect in our world,but all of us can try to be the kind of perfect we are destined to be.
Take a moment and list down all the things you are thankful for 💛 
Lots of love,
💛💛💛💛 H