Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On love and loss

Hello all,
I hope today finds you well,if not I'm sure it'll get better for you.Anyways, a lot has happened since my last post! I turned twenty on the fifth of July! Hooray! I'm no longer a teenager,and can now officially be referred to as a lady. I've also started summer school,ugh and it's so hard! Especially considering its my last quarter at Olympic College! Which in turn leads to my best news of all! I am officially a student of Western Washington University, I will be starting school in September to become a teacher.I can't even begin to express how joyful I am,and relieved that my application process is finally over! Of course there is much more to worry about,such as paying for school.Ugh I don't even want to think about that right now...
        Of the three summer classes I am taking,I chose to take Creative Writing this quarter,and man is it kicking my butt.I feel like I've been a terrible student this quarter,as much as I hate the workload I love the challenge of writing.While on break at work,Buzzfeed recently published an article about a dog's last day of life and needless to say it made me cry so much that my coworkers were worried for me.It hit me so hard,because I recently just lost one of my best animals friends in life.My seventeen year old kitty had gone missing a few days ago,and hasn't returned since.The article made me realize that my kitty  truly was gone and wouldn't be coming back.As much as I wished that he would show up,I know in my heart he's in a better place.I miss him everyday,he hasn't been gone for very long,but it still aches my heart so deeply.My sister Sarah and I are always the ones who get immersed in our animals,we love them even for the short time we get them.It makes me sad to write this,but I feel that I need to speak a little on the subject. Peetie was his name,and he was a incredible cat. My oldest sister Jessica prayed and prayed for a cat for her birthday and lo and behold on her 12th birthday,he showed up on our neighbor's doorstep.He was gorgeous with luminous eyes,a white triangle on his face, paws that were large for a cat of his size,and the sweetest pink nose that glowed when he laid next to the fire. When we got him,we guessed he was about a year old,and we just couldn't believe that there wouldn't be someone who'd miss him.He was so sweet tempered,he always purred and just adored attention. Little did we know that his life would be full of adventures,the first being the fact that he loved people so much he'd follow people home.On Halloween he followed some trick or treaters to the other side of our neighborhood and luckily a friend recognized him and reunited us within a matter of a few days. After that,every holiday we kept him inside. His next adventure was to break his sternum, we have never been able to understand how exactly he did it but our vet suggested that someone had either hit him,or he had fallen out of a tree.He did have a particular fondness to lay in the middle of our street and stop traffic, in his heyday he even stopped a large dog in its tracks. The owner of the dog said:"NOW that's a CAT!". Now normally,when an animal breaks its sternum it is fatal, but for Peetie his sternum had popped out inside of inward which would have resulted in his lungs being crushed. But somehow he managed to use some of his lives up and remain unscathed by the incident,other than the fact that you could feel his bone jutting out of his chest. His next adventure was kidney stones with a urinary tract infection, he survived this thanks to our vet once again. He was still quite young when all of this happened so it could have been easier for him to overcome these incidents, but I like to think of it as being just cat luck.His last and latest adventure was battling hyperthyroidism, which means that he had an over active thyroid gland causing his body to go a little wacky.But despite being older,be fought the illness and kept purring through it all. He was my old man at this point,but I could still see the way that he looked you in the eyes.I swear that he never really was a cat but that he was a person trapped in a cat's body. When you said his name,he looked you right in the eyes.I've never had another cat that would do this, and it endeared him even more to me.He was one of my first cats,and he was a lovely introduction to my love for cats.He laid with me when I was sick,and let me cry next to him when we lost our old dog, and still he looked at me and purred.As if to say,"I know it's hard girl,but I love you." It makes me tear up writing this,but I know in order to properly recognize his loss, I need to talk about him.It's so hard to lose an animal you've had for so long,my sister Sarah always tells me that we can love animals as deeply as we can for the short time they are here.Animals just can't be here for as long as us.As much as I miss my old man,I know it was his time to leave,he left without saying goodbye to us because secretly he already had said his goodbyes to each of his girls,he left us just as he had come to us. He walked into our lives one day,and left when he was meant to. Every day I will think of him,and I will miss my wonderful cat.But I know in my heart that he is resting now,he is young again off adventuring somewhere in the great big sky.
I hope I didn't make you all too sad,I just felt that it was something to share <3.much love,
H<3 xoxox