Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love is new

Hello all!

What a month, that's all I have to say! Goodness! I am all wrapped up with my associates and it feels so great to finally be all done with it! And now I can just focus on work,and finding myself a hobby.

    As some of you know, my boyfriend is a fisherman.He's gone for long periods of time, it makes it really hard sometimes.But we make it work somehow and it's a beautiful thing.I wanted to take the time to write about him because I feel he deserves it. He is a big part of my life,and we just went through a little bit of a difficult time.
      "This moon
       is that moon
       and this light
       is the very same
      that's chalk dusting
      your hair.
      and I will feel it,
     and I will catch,
     We are not
     so far
This poem by Tyler Knott Gregson has helped me get through this all.It's so beautiful, it reminds me of my boy. It reminds me that even if he is so far away, he is looking at the same moon,thinking of me.Now I know it could be considered a little cliche,but I'm starting to love and accept these. Because they mean something to every couple,does not mean you can make it special in your own way. There are so many things I want to talk about I don't even know where to begin.I'll begin with the fact that one of the things I love the most, is how forgiving Andrew is. He surprises me every single day when it comes to forgiveness, he told me recently that the past is the past and that's where it should stay.If you stay there it can eat you alive,you can't change anything that has already happened.And I forgive you, because I don't want a life without .I already hated  how it was,trying to erase you from my life. The past is the past and we live in the present.You must look past difficult things before you can find the good.You must open your mind in order to live.People are people and they will always be that,it’s no use trying to make them be what you think is a better person.Just love them for who they are. He is so wise,how did I get so lucky to find someone like this in my life? Before he had to leave we spend about three days straight together,and it was so lovely. We went up to Port Townsend to a cidery and picked blueberries with my family, we were quicker than the rest so we walked back up the hill to the cidery.Getting some wood fired pizza, we sat in the grass waiting for the pizza and just talked.We talked about anything and everything, it felt like we had reversed the clock. It felt like we had just met each other, but at the same time it felt like returning home after years of being gone.The next day we went out to dinner,we had ridden a friend's motorcycle.Andrew's is out of commission at the moment,but it was the first time in a long time since we had ridden together.Maybe it was because it had been such a long time ago, but I like to believe in a little thing called love.It was a beautiful night,just warm enough that I didn't get cold, but we drove past Island Lake catching glimpses of it shimmering through the trees. And it filled up my heart, the sun was just setting and it cast a lovely glow onto the water.I could feel the rush of the ride, the wind blew my hair back, and I could feel it..I could feel the love all around us.It was in the setting sun,the clouds that hung above the trees,the turning of the wheels, the touch of rubber upon the pavement, each breath I took everything and anything I could feel it and see it. It was a tangible thing in that moment, Andrew reached back and held my hand I laid against him even more closing my eyes and smiling.The next ride we took was back to his house,its a long and windy wooded road and it made the magic even more present. We could see the stars at this point and it sprinkled even more magic into the evening, he reached back again holding my hand and we wove between the trees almost feeling them touch you. It's amazing truly,to ride with someone you love.I've tried to explain how different it is to ride at night than it is to during the day, all I can really say is that during the day you feel as though everyone is watching you but at night the whole world seems to look away from you.It's all about the person you are with, it feels as though for a second the world is quiet.
Here are some pictures of us <3

Much love as always <3
xoxoxo H <3