Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Ahhh Valentine's day,the day of love,affection,chocolate,and cats.Oh wait that's everyday for me. I love Valentine's day,it's one of my favorite holidays,I'm sure it's because I am a hopeless romantic,the idea of having a Valentine the one who has your heart possibly forever,or just temporarily is just sweet. But I don't want to leave out all those who don't have a Valentine,even if you don't you still have chocolate and other things to look forward too!And even if you are single,your Valentine could still be a friend,your sister,your cat,your dog,or your celebrity crush.Valentine's day isn't just about having that one special person,it's also about being able to appreciate the beauty that is love. And certainly anyone can appreciate that! <3
        Anyway's I also wanted to talk about my own Valentine(for just a bit),he's wonderful,sweet,thoughtful,quiet,and just genuine.He's so great,and I love him a whole lot. We've been together for 2 and a half years,which really hasn't felt that long at all! So obviously,we've had several Valentine's day's together,and out of these three our very first is my absolute favorite. Like every year,I had gotten a special dress for the day,I had my whole outfit all planned out,I'd made him a card,and gotten some chocolates for him.I waited anxiously for the day,and once it arrived it was not at all what I had planned for. It was a dreary,wet,and cold winter day.The rain was coming down so hard,but still I wore my little dress,and opted for boots instead of flats,I made it work even though the weather wasn't working in my favor. Once I got out of school,he picked me up and I was so excited.I was wondering what we were going to do,surely he had something special planned! Sadly,he ended up having to pick up a washer for his grandma,and we had a few other errands to do.Saddened,but still content to spend time with him,we set off to pick up the washer. We had fun laughing,and singing on the drive to Bremerton. And I thought to myself,it really isn't that bad,we get to see each other at least and we could maybe do something fun another day.Once we reached his grandma's it took such a long time to install the washer,we had to go and get another part the washer didn't even come with! As the hours stretched by,I got a little dismayed I really did want to do something fun! And by the time they would probably get done,I'd have to get home for my curfew. To my surprise,he was able to finish installing the washer quicker than he or I thought! So, we had dinner, and once it was over we said our goodbyes,I figured we would just head to my house and watch a movie or something like that. But as we got in his truck,he turned to me and said I wanna take you somewhere.I'm sorry our Valentine's day wasn't perfect but I can take you somewhere at least where it will be something.So we drove, and he took me to a beach.I know it seems so silly,it was windy and cold,but the rain had  finally let up,although the sun had set, it was still so beautiful. He gave me his sweater to keep me a little warmer,took out a blanket and we sat on the sand.I looked up at the clear sky,feeling the bite of the wind,smelling the saltwater,and seeing the reflection of the moon onto the black water.It was so beautiful,and it made that day so much better. I've always loved to collect rocks,and so soon I got up and started searching for rocks,picking up sea glass as well. Using my phone as a flashlight,I happened upon a rock,looking at it more closely,I noticed that in the dry parts of it in the very center was a heart.It made me smile, and everything suddenly dawned on me.Love is always around us,no matter what kind,no matter our mind set,there is evidence of it even in nature.
"There is no fear in love;Perfect love casts away fear"-John 4:18
Happy Valentine's Day all! Hope you all are able to enjoy it.Much love,
<3 H

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  1. Very sweet and thoughtful Hannah! I love your picture too. Have a great Valentines Day!